Optimizing Sensory Loads Using a Sensory Processing Skills Therapy among Autistic Spectrum Disorder


  • Nabeela Wali Khan Ziauddin University
  • Urooj Saghir Ziauddin University
  • Syed Ashar Ali Dr. Ziauddin Hospital
  • Muhammad Hammad Mursaleen Trusted Support Therapy Clinic


Art therapies, Autism, Quality of life, Sensory integration


Sensory integration therapy can improve language skills, attention, and social interactions in children with ASD. However, it is also important to note that research in this field is ongoing, and more studies are needed to confirm the effectiveness of these therapies. The present study is aimed to identify the effects of occupational therapy-based sensory processing skill therapies in improving the autism severity and QoL among ASD children.

The intervention was performed for 12 weeks, six sessions per week, each based on 60 minutes of duration. The treatment protocol comprised four sensory processing skills in which Each child was trained on every skill for 15 minutes, making a total of 60 minutes of duration for a single session.

Significant improvements in CARS, CGAS and PedsQL (p<0.001) were observed after 12-weeks of intervention.

Sensory processing skills therapies are a practical treatment approach in optimizing sensory load among ASD children.


DOI: https://doi.org/10.59564/amrj/01.01/005

Author Biographies

Nabeela Wali Khan, Ziauddin University

Lecturer/ Occupational Therapist, Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Urooj Saghir, Ziauddin University

Lecturer/ Occupational Therapist, Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Syed Ashar Ali, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital

Occupational Therapist

Muhammad Hammad Mursaleen, Trusted Support Therapy Clinic

Senior Occupational Therapist


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