About the Journal


AMRJ aims to publish original research articles, reviews, and short communications in various interdisciplinary fields related to healthcare. The scope of our journal includes the following fields:

  1. Basic Medical Sciences: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biomechanics, and Kinesiology.

  2. Medical Sciences: Medicine and Surgery.

  3. Pharmacology: Pharmaceutical and Pharmacotherapy.

  4. Rehabilitation Sciences: Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Assistive technology, Psychology, Alternative medicine, and Audiology.

  5. Allied Sciences: Medical Technology, including imaging and laboratory technology, and other healthcare-related fields.

  6. Bioengineering: Engineering principles applied to healthcare, including medical device design, biomaterials, and tissue engineering.

  7. Nursing Science: Research related to nursing education, practice, and patient care.

  8. Sports Sciences: Research related to sports medicine, exercise physiology, and physical activity.

  9. Health and Fitness: Research related to nutrition, health promotion, and disease prevention.

  10. Health informatics and technology.

  11. Biomedical engineering and technology.

  12. Environmental health and occupational health and safety.

Aims & Objectives

AMRJ strives to contribute to the advancement of medical and allied health practice, research, and education, and to promote knowledge and high-quality research in the fields of medicine and allied health professions. We welcome submissions from researchers across the globe who shares our commitment to achieve the following goals;

  • To encourage the publication of innovative and original research in the fields of medicine and allied health professions.

  • To provide a platform for health practitioners to share their knowledge and expertise through online publication of their research findings.

  • To promote evidence-based practice by disseminating research findings that can contribute to the improvement of health care services and patient outcomes.

  • To foster collaboration among researchers, practitioners, educators, and other stakeholders in the fields of medicine and allied health professions, thereby promoting interdisciplinary research.

  • To ensure the quality of research published in the journal through a rigorous peer-review process and editorial oversight, thus maintaining high standards of research publication.

  • To address ethical considerations related to patient outcomes, health care services, and quality care in the publication of research, thereby promoting ethical conduct in research and practice.