Knowledge, Attitude, and Perception of Covid-19 Vaccinations in Physiotherapy Students of Pakistan - A Cross-Sectional Survey

COVID-19 Knowledge among Physical Therapy Students



Attitude, Knowledge, Physiotherapy, Vaccination


Background: COVID-19 has been identified as a deadly pandemic, and the vaccine is framed to be the most effective solution. Evidence reveals that medical students are a reliable source of health information, such as vaccination. Therefore, this survey aimed to examine the Knowledge, Attitude and Perception (KAP) of COVID-19 vaccinations in physiotherapy students of Pakistan. 

Methodology: This survey included 500 physiotherapy students from different provinces of Pakistan. Participants aged between 18 to 35 years who had internet access were included. The data was collected using an online Google questionnaire consisting of four sections (socio-demographic, knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions). Descriptive statistics for frequency and percentage were run using the SPSS software version 26. 

Results: The findings revealed that physiotherapy students have good knowledge of COVID-19 vaccinations, and 96.4% are sure about their effectiveness. Most respondents, i.e., 57%, have a positive attitude towards vaccine safety, and 69.6% believed that without vaccination, it is impossible to stop its spread. However, 64.2% perceived that COVID-19 vaccinations have side effects.  

Conclusion: The results suggest that the healthcare authorities should work on awareness regarding COVID-19 vaccinations so that the KAP can be improved and the disease can be eradicated. 


Author Biographies

Okasha Anjum , Indus University

Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences

Hajra Ameer Shaikh , Bahria University

Department of Physical Therapy

Syeda Wajeeha Raza Zaidi, Indus University

Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences

Rabeiya Tazeem , Ziauddin University

College of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences


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