Awareness and Practices Regarding Nutritional Status, Habits and Physical Activity among Physical Education University Students - A Cross-Sectional Study

Nutrition and Physical Activity among Students


  • Ramsha Umar University of Karachi
  • Muhammad Abdullah Umar Jinnah Sindh Medical University
  • Fabiha Umar Dot and Line Learning


Dietary Habits, Nutritional Status, Physical Activity, Young Adults


Background: An unbalanced diet and reduced physical activity are the chief risk factors for many chronic diseases. University students are the most affected population due to changed patterns in daily routine. It is presumed that university students would have better knowledge regarding physical activities and healthy nutrition; however, more evidence is needed to demonstrate whether this knowledge is implemented. Hence, the primary purpose of this study is to examine the awareness and practices regarding nutritional status, habits, and physical activity among university students.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted between July 2023 and November 2023 on 82 university students using a convenience sampling method. A modified questionnaire was used to ask questions regarding nutritional status, habits, and physical activity. The data was analyzed using SPSS 21.0.

Results: A total of ninety students were provided with the questionnaire, out of which eight students partially filled the questionnaires. The total number of questionnaires examined was 82, which included n=35 (42.7%) males and n=47 (57.3%) females.

Conclusion: The results disclosed that students had adequate knowledge regarding nutritional habits and the vitality of physical activity. However, that knowledge needed to be implemented in daily life practices.



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