Likelihood of Impact of Knee Joint Pain on ADLS among Older Adult Population

Impact of Knee Joint Pain on ADLs


  • Anum Safeer Riphah International University, Lahore Campus
  • Anam Liaqat Riphah International University, Lahore Campus
  • Fatima Riaz Foundation University College of Physical Therapy (FUCP)
  • Arisha Shafiq Shifa Tameere-Millat University
  • Zainab Sabir National University of Medical Sciences
  • Meesha Rao National University of Medical Sciences


Activities of Daily Living, Pain, Sitting, Stair Climbing, Walking


Background: The study is aimed to clarify the complex link between knee discomfort, functional restrictions, and older people's overall wellbeing. Current study intended to open the door for more focused support systems and treatments that can raise the quality of life for ageing population by exploring these factors.

Methods: A questionnaire with two essential components was used to collect the data for this investigation. While the second segment evaluated important daily living activities (ADLs), including getting up from a sitting posture, mounting stairs, and walking, the first section concentrated on collecting demographic data from the individuals

Results: The findings reveled a significant likelihood p<0.05 between intensity of pain and difficulties in performing standing from sitting, walking and stairs climbing. The analyses of data had provided evidences that much of the participants with mild to severe pain in knee joint had reported mild difficulty in standing form sitting position n=74, whereas n=90 reported difficulty in walking and n=77 had reported difficulty in climbing stairs.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the study's findings show a convincing and significant association (p<0.001) between participants' capacity to do activities of daily living (ADLs) and the intensity of their knee pain, particularly for those with mild to severe knee pain. These findings emphasize the urgent need for efficient interventions to reduce the impact of knee pain on ADLs and improve the wellbeing of those who are affected by this discomfort. It also highlights the critical importance of addressing knee pain and its management to improve the overall quality of life for people in this cohort.



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