Comparison of Diet With and Without Strengthening Exercises Impacting Non-Specific Chronic Low Back Pain Patients in Obesity

Diet and Exercise in Obesity-Related Low Back Pain


  • Muhammad Sarfraz Dow Univeristy of Health Sciences and Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Azadeh Shadmehr Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran
  • Javeria Ahmed University of Karachi
  • Dr. Mazhar Ali Bhutto Nazeer Hussain University
  • Dr. Shohreh Jalaie Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Dr. Abida Nadeem Farhat Medical Centre, Malir Cantt


Diet, Exercise, Low Back Pain, Obesity


Background: Dietetic variations have long been taken as an imperative factor for managing obesity in low back pain patients. Thus, to evaluate diet with and without exercise to consider further the best regimen to counter this burning issue. Therefore, his study aimed to compare the effects of diet with and without strength training on non-specific low back pain in obese clients.

Methods: Fifty-two patients with sedentary lifestyles, aged between 25-40 years, were assigned to two groups according to their BMI (Grade I & II obesity) and were assessed for their weight, Body Mass index (BMI), Waist to hip ratio (WHR), Body Fat Percentage (BF %), Fat mass (FM), lean Mass (LM), Numeric Pain rating scale (NPRS), Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) and pushups for muscular endurance and strength were the outcome measures of interests. One group followed diet only (D), while the other followed diet plus strength (DS) training. After six weeks of intervention, patients were assessed again on the same parameters.

Results: DS group revealed positive changes in all parameters, i.e., weight (0.00), BMI (0.00), WHR (0.01), BF% (0.00), FM (0.00), LM (0.01), NPRS (0.00),  OLBPD (0.00),  pushups (0.00),  while D group showed insignificant results in WHR (p-value- 0.736, before 0.88+0.1 after 0.88-+0.1), LM (p-value- 0.384, before 40.9+8.9 after 40.3+8.8) and Pushups (p-value 0.384, before 4.6+3.4 after 4.3+3.7).

Conclusion: Six weeks of diet and diet plus strength training resulted in positive changes in pain and ODI. Still, the diet-plus strength exercise group overweighed the diet-only group in all parameters.


Author Biographies

Muhammad Sarfraz, Dow Univeristy of Health Sciences and Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Assistant Professor, DIPMR

Azadeh Shadmehr, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Professor, Physical Therapy Department, School of Rehabilitation

Javeria Ahmed, University of Karachi

Research Scholar, Neuromuscular Research Unit, Department of Physiology

Dr. Mazhar Ali Bhutto, Nazeer Hussain University

Associate Professor

Dr. Shohreh Jalaie , Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Professor, Physical Therapy Department, School of Rehabilitation

Dr. Abida Nadeem, Farhat Medical Centre, Malir Cantt

Consultant Physiotherapist and Sonologist


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