The Impact of Petrissage on Functional Measures of High-Heeled Shoe Wearers


  • Sana Kayenat Association for Children with Emotional and Learning Problem
  • Amir Malik Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre
  • Basma Gul Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre


Ankle joint, Disability, Massage, Pain, Range of motion


Many women enjoy wearing high heels despite knowing they can harm their feet. Many uncomfortable conditions can originate from wearing this shoe, leading to biomechanical changes in ankle joints. Hence, the study is aimed to identify the effects of massage therapy in improving muscular flexibility among women wearing high heels.

Forty female participants with chronic heel pain were included in the single-blinded, randomized controlled trial. Participants were divided into Group-A (Stretching and deep heat) and Group-B (petrissage and deep heat). The treatment was performed for 4 weeks, 3 sessions/week in both groups. Foot function index and ankle dorsiflexion were recorded at baseline and after 4-weeks of intervention.

Forty female participants with a mean age of 28.23±6.24 were recruited. Both groups showed significant improvement in all three variables, i.e. pain, disability, and ankle dorsiflexion. However, Group-B showed more significant results with mean differences of 1.80±2.22 and 4.1±6.7 (p<0.05) for pain and disability, respectively. A similar result was observed for ankle dorsiflexion in which a mean difference of 0.95±1.08 in the left and 1.25±1.12 in the right ankle was observed.

Both treatment programs are highly effective in reducing pain, reducing disability, and improving ankle joint ROM. However, petrissage massage and deep heating were superior to superficial heat with static stretching for females with chronic heel pain.



Author Biographies

Sana Kayenat, Association for Children with Emotional and Learning Problem

Senior Physical Therapist

Amir Malik, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre

Senior Physical Therapist

Basma Gul, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre

Senior Physical Therapist


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