Transforming Disability into Ability: The Niche of Occupational Therapy in the Multi-Rehabilitation Team at Healthcare Services


  • Neelum Zehra Ziauddin University


Disabilities, Daily living activities, Healthcare settings, Occupational therapy


Occupational therapy aims to optimize daily activities and performance by addressing the body and mind. It focuses on helping individuals overcome physical or psychological impairments that hinder their engagement in desired occupations. Occupational therapists undergo comprehensive education and work in various healthcare settings, providing assessment, intervention, and reevaluation to many clients. The field encompasses diverse conditions and utilizes evidence-based frameworks to tailor treatment plans. Incorporating occupational therapy into healthcare policies is crucial for enhancing community health and well-being, as it contributes to standardized healthcare provision in developed countries.


Author Biography

Neelum Zehra, Ziauddin University

Consultant Occupational Therapist, VP/HOD Occupational Therapy



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